Salmon DNA Animations & Egg Production Video


 AquAdvantage® Salmon DNA Animations

These two animations illustrate the process whereby a gene from the Chinook salmon is combined with DNA fragments (a “promoter”) from the ocean pout and integrated into the genome of the Atlantic salmon resulting in the AquAdvantage® Salmon. The gene from the Chinook salmon enables the AquAdvantage® Salmon to produce growth hormone and the DNA fragments from the ocean pout act as an ‘on switch’ that enables the AquAdvantage® Salmon to more efficiently produce growth hormone.

AquAdvantage® Salmon Egg Production

The development of the AquAdvantage® Salmon began in 1989 with the micro-injection of the AquAdvantage transgene into fertilized Atlantic salmon eggs. The eggs hatched and the resulting fish that had integrated the transgene into its genome (DNA) formed the parental stock from which all successive AquAdvantage® Salmon have been produced. New generations of AquAdvantage® Salmon are produced using conventional breeding methods; eggs are fertilized with milt (sperm) from mature adult fish that have the transgene in their genome. This transgene is a permanent part of the male’s genome and is heritable, meaning it is passed naturally from one generation to the next. AquaBounty’s breeding program has successfully produced 10 generations of AquAdvantage® Salmon since 1992.

Click here to see photos and explanation of the process.

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