AquaBounty employees talking while located in land-based fish farm

Operational Expertise

AquaBounty employees holding a farm-raised salmon

Quality & Safety – Down to a Science

We've spent the last three decades immersed in the world of aquaculture. When it comes to our farms, every detail has been analyzed and optimized for the health of our fish and the environment. As a result, we're proud to offer seafood lovers a safe and sustainable Atlantic salmon.

Harvesting More with Less

Not only are our salmon protected during their early, most vulnerable stages of growth, but they also reach their harvest size faster than conventional farmed salmon. This allows us to increase the amount of delicious salmon we harvest in less time.

What's more, less feed is required to raise our fish compared to conventional salmon in sea-cage farms. Seafood is already more efficient than other animal proteins in terms of feed – now AquaBounty is taking that efficiency to a new level.

Seafood is more efficient to grow than other animal proteins due to a more favorable Feed Conversion Ratio (“FCR”)

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AquaBounty employee working at facility near the stairwell

Highly Trained Technicians

A team of skilled and compassionate associates oversees our farms, making sure conditions are just right for the fish to thrive.