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A Thriving U.S. Aquaculture Business

The majority of Atlantic salmon consumed in North America is flown into the U.S. from overseas. Atlantic salmon is one of the few foods the U.S. must import into the country in large quantities to meet consumer demand.  

AquaBounty is a pioneer in land-based, environmentally friendly fish farming, raising fresh Atlantic salmon in America’s Heartland, close to key U.S. markets. Because of its inland farming location, the company raises salmon with a much lower carbon footprint compared to other farming methods.

“Salmon is healthy and nutritious,” says Sylvia Wulf, AquaBounty President and CEO. “And we can make high quality, sustainably-raised salmon more accessible and affordable to a greater number of seafood consumers, and I think the thing that is most exciting to me is that the U.S. really does have an opportunity to become a country that has a thriving aquaculture business,” Wulf said. 

The global pandemic exposed the fragility of the U.S. supply chain. Food safety, security and sustainability have become hot topics. AquaBounty’s ability to farm fresh salmon domestically has proven to be a nice complement to wild-caught fisheries and a growing business segment for the U.S.