AquaBounty is a small company with offices in Maynard, Massachusetts and Fortune, Prince Edward Island. Founded in 1991, AquaBounty’s driving force is the belief that modern genetics, married with technological advances in aquaculture production, can spur a radically more responsible and sustainable way of farming Atlantic salmon. Breakthroughs in modern bioscience have revitalized aquaculture and AquaBounty is at the forefront of this Blue Revolution.


Our Mission

From our CEO to our farm technicians, AquaBounty’s 62 employees share a passionate belief that smarter, science-based aquaculture can change the world — improving human health, conserving natural resources, and protecting our marine ecosystem while contributing to sustainable food production.

Meet our Leadership

Our Story

The AquaBounty story is driven by scientific innovation. It began in 1989, when Garth Fletcher and his research team at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada discovered that they could use advanced molecular genetics to significantly increase the growth rate of Atlantic salmon, thereby shortening the time to marketable size. This is the foundation for the “AquAdvantage” technology.

Meet Our CEO — Sylvia Wulf

Sylvia Wulf, our executive director, president and CEO, was convinced of the value of bioscience in seafood production before joining AquaBounty in 2019. A marketing professional with a diverse background in the food industry, Sylvia believes that AquAdvantage technology can greatly enhance the quality and taste of Atlantic salmon, the industry that produces them, and the quality of life of the consumers who eat them. “Salmon is a healthy and nutritious product,” Sylvia says. “And we can make high quality, sustainable salmon more accessible and affordable to more seafood consumers than ever before.”

Our Blog

AquaBounty is committed to providing consumers with information about how your food is produced. We take great pride in our science, our farming, and our commitment to bringing you the world’s tastiest, healthiest, and most sustainable salmon. We will be using Our Blog in coming weeks to discuss topics of interest to consumers so that you can gain a greater understanding of our AquAdvantage Salmon and its benefits for both seafood lovers and the environment.