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Innovation & Technology

AquaBounty employees observing equipment at land-based salmon farm

A Better Way to Feed the World

Sustainable fish farming with cool science is what we do. Making the world a better place is why we do it. See how we're transforming aquaculture for the global good.

Bridging the Seafood Gap

With the global population expected to grow close to nine billion people by 2050, experts are projecting the demand for animal protein to double (1). As it stands today, seafood has already gained significant market share, causing 90% of the world's fisheries to be fully fished or overfished (2).

AquaBounty used advanced genetics one time 30 years ago and is helping meet the growing global demand with a safe, secure and sustainable Atlantic salmon – one that also satisfies consumers' desires for fresh, great-tasting and nutritious seafood.


Demand for animal protein projected to double by 2050


of the world’s fisheries are fully fished or overfished

AquaBounty employee standing with arms folded in front of fish tanks

Protecting Our Fish – and Our Customers

Fish farming is not new. People have been using traditional methods like sea cages and net pens for decades. As they are located along the coast in seas or bays, these environments are at risk for disease, contaminants and predators, which can have undesired effects on the marine ecosystem.

Innovative technologies, like those used in AquaBounty's highly controlled, land-based fish farms, eliminate these risks, including the need to treat fish with antibiotics. In turn, consumers can enjoy safe and delicious salmon; restaurants and grocers can rely on a consistent, high-quality supply; and everyone can feel good about a farming method that conserves precious natural resources.

1 World Population Prospects 2019, United Nations
2 FAO’s The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2016

Sustainability Across

the Supply Chain

Right now, we all pay the price for Atlantic salmon that's flown in fresh from around the world. There's the large airfreight expenses that drive up costs. The large carbon footprint that is taxing on the environment. And the unreliability of remote markets, especially felt during challenging times. AquaBounty is working to drive efficiencies across the map with our land-based fish farms that can meet demand right where it's at and provide a more sustainable salmon solution.

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