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Sep 27, 2019

AquaBounty counters Montreal panel’s concerns over GMO salmon

Based on comments made here in a four-person panel held at a conference Thursday, AquaBounty Technologies will have a hard time selling any of its genetically engineered salmon, known as AquAdvantage, in Canada after it has its first major harvests almost exactly a year from now. The Maynard, Massachusetts-based company, however, remains “very optimistic”, spokesman Dave Conley told Undercurrent News on Friday morning after providing a statement from CEO Sylvia Wulf. “Customers are interested in learning more about the product, particularly when they realize it is grown closer to their shopper base and can provide a fresher alternative to the current imported product,” Wulf said.  “Conversations with those customers are framing our communication plan and requirements.  The landscape is evolving and there is receptivity to engage in a dialogue.”  Read the article.

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