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Nov 5, 2020

AquaBounty’s Statement Regarding the Court Order in the FDA Litigation

This decision does not have an impact on our on-going operations on Prince Edward Island, Canada to produce eggs or in the raising and selling of AquAdvantage salmon from our farm in Indiana. Moreover, this case did not call into question FDA’s approval regarding the health and safety of our AquAdvantage salmon. While we were disappointed with some of the conclusions reached in the judge’s decision regarding the environmental assessment conducted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), we remain confident in the robust scientific studies and review that resulted in the 2015 FDA approval. The focus of this decision was on the potential environmental impacts, and the judge confirmed the “low” threat to the environment of our salmon. We are committed to working with FDA on next steps and continue to evaluate the legal decision.

AquaBounty is excited about the future, and takes seriously the unwavering leadership that is required to offer a safe, secure and sustainable source of Atlantic Salmon that is raised right here in the U.S. heartland for U.S consumers. The future of our domestic and global food supply will depend on innovation and technology and AquaBounty remains steadfast in our commitment to leading that charge.

Sylvia A. Wulf
President & CEO

David F. Melbourne, Jr.
Chief Commercial Officer
AquaBounty Technologies, Inc.


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