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Dec 15, 2022

AquaBounty’s Statement Regarding the FDA Amended Environmental Assessment

“AquaBounty raises fresh Atlantic salmon in a safe, secure, and sustainable way. The likelihood of our salmon circumventing the multiple containment barriers on our land-based farms, surviving, and establishing a population in the wild is “extremely low”. Those are FDA’s words in its first review issued in 2015, and in the amended Environmental Assessment released on November 16, the FDA concluded there is a “negligible likelihood” that our product would “cause significant harms” or even “effects on the environment of the US."

Our highly controlled land-based farms and robust mitigation measures – already approved by federal regulators and in use without issue in our facilities for over 20 years – help prevent any impacts, however unlikely, to the environment, endangered species, or wild fish populations. Additionally, our AquaBounty production salmon are female, sterile, and unable to reproduce, providing an additional and redundant biological barrier to protect wild salmon. 

We look forward to having this matter quickly settled and, in the meantime, we will continue to focus on sharing our sustainable, nutritious salmon with our customers.”

Sylvia A. Wulf
President & CEO

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