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Nov 10, 2016

Aquaculture to play a key role in global protein production

Aquaculture can potentially become the most efficient protein source in future. With diminishing habitats, decaying fisheries and an increase in demand for Seafood, aquaculture across the globe is poised to play an important role in the future of food supply. It is unlikely that wild capture fisheries will be able to produce any higher yields in the future. In many parts of the world, wild fisheries have been experiencing a sharp decline. Most notable are the Atlantic salmon, a species that once dominated the eastern seaboard with numbers estimated in the hundreds of millions are now around 500,000. Despite ambiguous packaging and with a few minor exceptions, all of today’s Atlantic salmon you will find in your local grocery store was farm raised in an aquaculture facility. While the industry is easily replacing salmon demand, it has a long way to go. Read the article. Our AquAdvantage® Salmon grows to market-size using 25 percent less feed than traditional Atlantic salmon on the market today. This makes an already efficient protein producer even better because it requires less wild fish to be converted into salmon feed.

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