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Nov 19, 2016

Food Evolution tackles the great GMO debate

A surprisingly convincing argument in favor of genetically engineered food What is in the food we eat and how do we know if it is safe? With globalization and advances in technology, that is increasingly harder to answer. Many people believe that genetically modified food (GMOs) can cause a host of diseases and disorders such as alzheimer’s, autism, and cancer. But does science support this? In Food Evolution, which premiered at DOC NYC on Saturday (Nov. 12, 2016), director Scott Hamilton Kennedy explores this controversial topic. One thing everyone can agree on is that we must have access to an abundance of healthy and affordable food that is grown sustainably. In this documentary, Kennedy and a team of scientists present the argument that this can be achieved through advances in science, including genetically engineered food. By slightly altering a plant’s genetic make up, food engineers can create crops that are tolerant to droughts and resistant to pests and diseases. They can also enrich foods—for example, they can make rice that has added vitamin A which can prevent blindness in children living in developing countries. The backlash against GMOs stems from people’s distrust in big agriculture and corporations like Monsanto. It is believed that the CEOs only care about making a profit even if it is making people sick. Anti-GMO activists present data and anecdotal evidence supporting this notion. Leading experts say this is pseudoscience based on fear. Read the article. Read film review. Must-see films from DOC NYC.

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