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Jun 23, 2016

GMO salmon needed to help feed the world

Along the Pacific Coast and around the nation, environmental groups have united with fishing barons to frustrate introduction of a new, genetically modified variety of salmon, called AquAdvantage. Hysteria is their weapon, and hysteria is winning. It must be stopped. Late last year, after being tested since 1995, U.S. Food and Drug Administration scientists approved the unrestricted sale of this seafood which, thanks to having one gene from a chinook salmon, grows without pause, reaching full maturity twice as fast. Fish is good for us, so we should eat more, but 95 percent of Atlantic salmon is currently imported. A faster-growing fish makes sense because it reduces depletion of wild salmon while promoting locally grown, sustainable farming. Consumers pay less for healthier food, nature is conserved — everyone wins. Read article here.

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