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Sep 6, 2016

Is feed the sustainability story the aquaculture sector should be telling?

Aquaculture is the fastest growing protein sector globally, with around 8% expansion yearly, but has attracted criticism on many fronts, one major one being the practice of using marine ingredients as feed, usually in the form of fishmeal and fish oil. But how much of that bashing can be justified today? We decided to talk to a leading Rabobank industry analyst and a representative of IFFO to get their informed insight on aquaculture’s credentials regarding responsible production. Gorjan Nikolik, associate director animal protein, in Rabobank’s food and agribusiness research and advisory, said aquaculture has received a fair amount of bad press over the years on perceived failures in environmental, labor and responsible production but a lot of that needs to be debunked. “And this may sound somewhat paradoxical, but aqua feed I reckon, while one of the components that has been highly critiqued, can be the key in the fed aquaculture sector’s sustainability strategy.  Read article here.

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