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Dec 5, 2018

Land-based fish farming: Why is it the world’s most sustainable fish?

The aquaculture landscape of the modern world is one of innovation and prospect. As the world continues to innovate and improve its methods of sustaining itself, and technology and biological awareness increase and develop, we often find more streamlined and effective methods of going about these processes. An interesting example of this is currently emerging out of the fishery sector (the aquaculture subsector to be precise), onshore fishing, or land-based fish farming. Most people are aware of the fishing industry and its premise, although exploring its sub sectors leads to a thorough understanding of what makes up the industry itself, and aquaculture in particular is one which many professionals expect to experience significant growth and development in the coming decades. This growth is due to the emergence of an industry based upon onshore fish farming, brought on by technological advancements within the last several decades allowing the development of full scale land-based fishing operations capable of yielding considerable returns-even when compared to traditional offshore fishing operations.  Read the article.

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