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Oct 10, 2019

Leading by example: how AquaBounty, Oxford Biomedica, and Berkeley Lights have successfully brought products to market

Chances are, you’ve personally used or benefitted from bioproducts – products made from renewable biologic materials. Alternative protein sources such as the Impossible Burger and Pivot Bio’s nitrogen-fixing PROVEN™ fertilizer are just two of many successful bioproducts. In December, North Face Japan will offer the Moon Parka – a high-performance ski parka manufactured with Spiber, Inc.’s  bioengineered spider silk. Geltor’s HumaColl21TM , a biocompatible collagen for human skin cells, is a key component of Kolam Korea’s anti-aging face cream.  Once bioproducts like these reach the market, it’s easy to overlook the fact that the work needed to adapt a biological process for use in the manufacture of a marketable product is just one step in a complex series of steps necessary for success.  Read the article. “What I really admire about [AquaBounty],” says Hallinan, “is that they had the persistence to just keep going” even when the public wasn’t ready for their product and they had to continue on despite that. “I think that on a larger scale, aquaculture is going to become increasingly important as we start to reduce the use of protein sources with significant greenhouse gas impacts like beef and pork.”

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