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May 19, 2016

Mitch Daniels takes on ‘callous, heartless and cruel’ anti-GMO activists

The former Indiana governor, now president of Purdue, says agricultural technology will save millions of lives. Daniels is a pro-GMO (genetically modified organism) advocate. At a U.S. Department of Agriculture dinner earlier this year, Daniels gave an impassioned plea for folks to drop the niceties and fight back against those who want to demonize and even ban this crucial farming technology: We are used to and only comfortable with polite and civil [dialogue] . . . [but] we are dealing here, yes, with the most blatant anti-science of the age. It is inhumane and it must be countered on that basis. Those who would deny with zero scientific validity the fruits of modern agricultural research to starving or undernourished people — or those who will be, absent great progress — need to be addressed for what they are, which is callous, which is heartless, which is cruel. Read article here.  

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