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Jan 17, 2019

Rabobank: Salmon is “winning the battle of the proteins”

Demand for salmon in the Western world and beyond is growing – and will continue to do so. However volatile prices are not sustainable in the long run judging by an analysis by the Netherlands-based, Rabobank. There’s much to celebrate about in Rabobank’s “Keeping Salmon On Top Of The Menu – How To Maintain The Hugh Demand.” Analysts Beyhan de Jong and Gorjan Nikolik summarise that the pink fish has outpaced growth in all other proteins – effectively “winning the battle of the proteins” such as pork, poultry, beef, and wild-caught seafood and that trend will continue to do so. Three factors Rabobank attributes growth to three factors: consumer trends favouring salmon consumption, the unique feature of the salmon supply chain compared with other seafood categories, growth strategies through new markets and new value-added products. These will also support further growth, the report noted.  Read the article.

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