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Nov 29, 2019

Warming up to climate change

The inconvenient truth about climate change is that not only are temperature changes affecting our natural ecosystems, it’s also causing us to rethink the way we do things, both as consumers and as an industry. Whether it’s in our personal consumption or in the industrial realm, climate change is forcing us to face the reality that we simply cannot go on the way we used to and expect the climate crisis to resolve on its own. Sustainable production, supply and consumption of goods and services need to be more deliberate to have a more meaningful impact. The recent deaths of some 2.6 million farmed salmon in Newfoundland in Canada brings the devastating effects of climate change closer to home. Northern Harvest Sea Farms, a subsidiary of Mowi Canada, suffered a significant setback last fall after roughly 5,000 tons of fish died in the net pens, resulting in the temporary suspension of the company’s farming licences. Company representatives blamed the massive mortalities to an extended period of higher-than-usual sea water temperatures that lasted up to 13 days.  Read the article.

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