Salmon sushi being held by chopsticks Salmon sushi being held by chopsticks

Our Salmon

Good news, salmon lovers. Now savoring your favorite fish and helping save the planet are one and the same. Meet the irresistible AquaBounty Atlantic salmon: Genetically engineered one time 30 years ago, it's the safe and fresh choice–responsibly raised right here in the U.S.

Salmon fillets on a wood platter with caper and salt garnish

Mouthwatering Doesn’t Do It Justice

A deliciously clean flavor. The perfect delicate texture. We could go on about how our Atlantic salmon is just right, but nothing compares to experiencing it for yourself.

scientific tool being used with a petri dish

What makes our salmon so special? 

Hint: It starts with science.
Why AquaBounty
underwater view of salmon swimming in a tank

Always Free of Antibiotics and Other Contaminants

The waters our Atlantic salmon swim in never come in contact with harmful diseases and toxins that can be a concern with traditional sea-cage farms and net pens. When we say our Atlantic salmon is a safe choice, we mean it.

fresh cut salmon fillets

Fresh Salmon is Closer than You Think

Eating fresh, local salmon isn't just for coastal living anymore. We're bringing Atlantic salmon closer to seafoodies throughout the U.S. and Canada, without the high carbon footprint.

Atlantic Salmon Recipes

Simply seasoned and grilled. Flaked in a creamy pasta. Marinated with a little heat. 
This versatile fish is a chef's dream.